Fireplace Mantel Ordering Information
We hope you find this information to be helpful with choosing what
type of mantel to purchase. Here are a few things to consider in a
new mantel.

Would you prefer a Painted or a Stained mantel?
Painted mantels are less expensive and can be re-painted anytime anycolor easily.
Stained mantels are more expensive and can be closely matched to hardwood
floors or wood furniture
ect. Unfortunately once stained it can not be changed. We
stock only Ash hardwoods, but we can build special mantels with virtually any
species of wood.

Shelf type or 3 piece with legs?
This decision can be somewhat limited based upon mantel wall space. Often times
the question is, will a 3pc mantel fit where there once was either, no mantel or
just a shelf mantel used. We have certain mantel designs that address such issues.

What size and style mantel will look right?
There are many things to consider when deciding upon a particular style. The
most important would be does it fit the room? Does it match the decor of the
house? I like to look at a few things when choosing the right mantel, here are a
few ideas.
.. If there is rock or brick consider a cedar mantel (distressed or
smooth) looks great! Look at the existing mouldings used within the house, we can
even make custom moulding that will match. We have a wide verity of mantels to
fit almost any decor, but there is always the option for a total custom design.

How to measure for your new Fireplace mantel.
Start by measuring the overall firebox opening width and find horizontal center.
Example most firebox openings are 36" if yours is put a pencil mark on the top of
the opening at
18".Then double check by measuring from the pencil mark to the
left and the right of the opening, both should be the equal.

Next measure from the center pencil mark all the way to the
nearest wall, window,
door, light switch or anything that may protrude and inhibit the mantel in any way.

This will be come the centred wall measurement and it will determine the possible
over all length mantel your house will need.

Next measure from the floor to the top of the firebox opening, be sure to note if  
there is a raised hearth and write the measurements for it as well.
These basic dimensions will enable us to figure the hight and width of your mantel.
We may need more measurements once we know what type of mantel you prefer.
Here are a couple of builtin
cabinets that will demonstrate how
we are able to provide you with
exactly what you have in mind.

We have a computer based
program that gives us the ability to
show you exactly how your ideas
will look.  Allowing  you see and
make changes before the building
process even starts. If you have a
basic idea of what you are needing
built we have the experience to
transform any room into a work of
At this time builtin cabinets are available in the Dallas Fort worth area only.

How to order your custom built in cabinet